Join the 2019 SME Annual Conference & Expo conversations on Social Media!

Use social media to promote your company, influence consumer behavior and build awareness and trust in your brand. Connect with SME and other industry influencers talking about this conference while increasing your social impact.



  • Mention @SMECommunity when tweeting and we will like and share to boost your post. 
  • Use these conference hashtags to help others to find your posts: #SME2019ACE #ColoradoMining #SmartMining
  • Other suggested hashtags: #Automation #Blasting #Geology #Minerals #Mining #Environmental #Processing #Safety #Ventilation 

Tips for tweeting:

  • Mention your booth number along with the conference hashtags #SME2019ACE and #SmartMining.
  • Share a photo of your knowledgeable staff in the booth.
  • Tweet photos and videos of your products. 
  • Right after the conference, use the conference hashtag to thank attendees for being at the show and give them your website link to follow up with additional questions. 





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