Find Your Next Partner on the Exhibit Floor

Get a firsthand look at new products, comprehensive services and integrated solutions - all from industry vendors who understand your needs. Find all of the exhibitors you are looking for and begin scheduling your visit today.

With more than 750 booths, our show floor provides you with the opportunity to meet more vendors than any other industry conference.  Whether you are looking for something new to solve a problem or want to connect with current vendor partner, our expo hall brings it all together.

Get started searching exhibitors, products and services at the 2019 SME Annual Conference & Expo and CMA 121st National Western Mining Conference using the Map Your Show (MYS) Exhibitor Directory.   

The Exhibitor Directory is a powerful research and planning tool that allows you to conduct searches of all of our current exhibitors and view enhanced information about each one. In the Exhibitor Directory, you will be able to:

  • Search exhibitors by name, category or booth number
  • Use the interactive floor plan in conjunction with the exhibitor directory to build your personalized show agenda
  • See real time updates to exhibitor information and listings
  • Access the exhibitor directory from your smart phone or tablet so you won't miss a thing!

Search for Exhibitors


How do I create a Personalized Show Agenda?

The Map Your Show (MYS) Exhibitor Directory allows you to create a personalized show agenda through My Show Planner, an integrated system that allows you to choose the exhibitors you want to visit and add them to a personalized schedule available online or via download. To access My Show Planner, you must first create an account.

Create a My Show Planner Account
  1. Visit the Exhibitor Directory
  2. Select My Show Planner
  3. Enter your email and chosen password
  4. Select Login/Sign Up to continue
  5. Complete the profile information
  6. Select continue to step 2
  7. Choose the product categories you are interested in
  8. Select Finish Up to complete the registration process
Once you have created an account, you will see a new landing page that allows you to:
  • Search for exhibitors
  • Update your profile
  • Add personal events
  • And Share your personalized planner

To begin creating your personalized show planner, select Search Exhibitors from the landing page or select Search The Show from the main navigation. You can search for exhibitors by name or by featured product. 

To add exhibitors to your My Show Planner:
  • Select the star on the right hand side of the exhibitor's listing
  • Or select the exhibitor you are interested in to learn more details and select Add to My Show
To view your current exhibitors added to My Show Planner:
  • Select the My Show Planner from the main navigation page
  • Locate Exhibitors in the left hand navigation page
  • Select Exhibitors to see all exhibitors added 
To share your My Show Planner:
  • Select the My Show Planner from the main navigation page
  • Locate the Share & Print option next to Search Exhibitors
  • Select Activate Sharing
  • Copy and paste the provided url to share your My Show Planner

Create a Personalized Agenda